Friday, June 12, 2009

Step Up to Big Profits

Special pricing on this ad stool right now... it's a great ad specialty item and it's practical! EQP (end quantity pricing). Contact me for details.


  1. One of our suppliers pulled off a master stroke on Monday that Andy Murray would have been proud of. With the afternoon temperature in the thirties, the office felt like a botanical garden. Getting customers to embrace your brand is every merchandiser's challenge. But our Business gifts supplier had read the weather forecast and ordered a set of branded polo shirts, USB fans and baseball caps from Stay Sourced, the Promo Items supplier, dispatched to arrive in the middle of the predicted heatwave. Within minutes of delivery, the entire team was a walking, merchandising dream. Everyone jumped at the chance for a fresh shirt and a gentle breeze. This felt thoughtful, not salesy and gained genuine goodwill from all. With so many corporate gifts sent out at Christmas, it can be difficult and expensive to make an impression. Crucially, it's just not that surprising to receive a Christmas gift from a supplier. However, a well-timed and imaginative gift at other times of the year can be a big hit, as our supplier perfectly demonstrated.

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