Sunday, January 11, 2015

Easy Trick for Smarter, More Productive Team Members

"Wait, when was that deadline again?" - Do you feel like you're constantly getting questions like this from your employees or co-workers? The good news is that they're probably not inherently forgetful or absentminded. Chances are, they haven't mastered the art of effective note-taking in a business environment or do not realize the value of taking notes.

Effective note-taking doesn't just help you remember deadlines - it actually makes you smarter. Capturing (and reviewing) important information in notes helps create new connections between different pieces of information and uncover details that previously seemed insignificant.

If you have large projects with many moving parts,
mind-mapping is a skill that can help your visual thinkers rapidly organize ideas and concepts more effectively than regular lists or more verbatim (breadcrumb) notes.

Considering incorporating note taking skills into onsite employee education? Help foster good habits with a notebook like this soft-cover commuter journal, available with traditional lined paper for your list-makers, or graph, blank, or European dots fill for your visual thinkers.  Contact RCP Denver Promotional Products for more info.

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