Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Innovative Promotional Product Alert!

Gadget Grips® DOT™ Custom Logo Home Button Grip

Introducing the new Gadget Grips® DOT™ custom printed home button gripper!  This innovative new promotional product is a great new way to build your brand.  The Gadget Grips® DOT™ has a patented 3M adhesive backing that will not leave a sticky residue.  Stick it on the home button of your iPhone, smartphone, iPad or tablet for an eye-catching, tactile grip.  Comes attached to a fold-over card with one DOT™ visible, and a second DOT™ is discovered when the card is opened.  Your target audience will be amazed at the glossy, 3D full color domed imprint, and they will be thrilled to receive a product that is unique and functional.  And since the average person that receives your Gadget Grips® DOT™ will view and touch your logo up to 100 times daily, the number of brand impressions you are receiving is phenomenal.

The new Gadget Grips® DOT™ is an itty bitty promotional product... but it will get your message across in a HUGE way!  For more information or to have our graphic artist set up your shiny new custom logo Gadget Grips® DOT™ home button grip, check out the Gadget Grips® DOT™ product page!  From Red Canoe Promotions- Your Denver Promotional Products Authority!