Friday, February 19, 2021

Product Spotlight: Wheat Straw Swag

Wheat straw is what's leftover after wheat grains are harvested. It has typically been treated as a waste. We reclaim this material and use it to make our wheat straw promotional products. With Earth Day quickly approaching, wheat straw swag is the perfect marketing tool to build brand affinity while reducing environmental impact. The best part? Our wheat straw collection is on sale through 4/30/21!  Contact Red Canoe Promotions Denver for more info.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Umbrella Myths Dispelled: Forget everything you thought you knew about branded umbrellas!


Custom branded umbrellas are the perfect promo item. Think about it: One size fits all, it rains just about everywhere, and everybody uses them. If you're not taking advantage of umbrellas as a promotional product, you're missing out on a whole lot of brand impressions.

It's time to look at umbrellas in a whole new way while we put to rest some common misconceptions!

Myth #1: 

Umbrellas are boring.


Thanks to a big selection of fashion-forward looks, with fun colors, cool patterns and new fabrics, branded umbrellas help you make a splash without jumping in any puddles. And if it's a trendy style in retail, we have brands like Totes, Cutter & Buck and Slazenger.

Myth #2:

Umbrella design innovation stopped years ago.


Exciting developments are happening all the time. The all-new, super-cool inversion umbrellas close so that the outside of the canopy is pulled inward, trapping the inside and making it easier to close from a car seat or doorway. Also, custom printed windproof umbrellas feature vented canopies and special flexible frames. 

Myth #3:

Umbrellas are too traditional to make an impact.


Branded umbrellas leave a big impression. The average promotional umbrella generates 1,100 impressions during its lifespan. Plus, umbrellas give you more for your money. The cost-per-impression is less than one cent (ASI).

Myth #4:

People won't hold on to them.


A promotional umbrella is definitely a keeper. On average, a promo umbrella is kept for over a year - 14 months, to be exact. They're often kept in the car and at the office just in case.

We've got you covered.

Umbrellas keep us dry on rainy days, but that big round canopy is also the perfect canvas for a brand. Golf umbrellas, inversion umbrellas, fashion umbrellas - no matter what you need, Red Canoe Promotions Denver has the right umbrellas at the right price.

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Monday, February 8, 2021

Staying Visible In A Virtual World: A Big Boost To Your Brand

Video meetings have become the new norm. Team meetings, doctor visits and client appointments have all gone virtual, and as the moratorium on in-person events continues, the need for brand visibility in the virtual world is at its peak. One way to achieve this: high-impact branding on your team's apparel.

Choosing a highly visible imprint location puts your logo front and center, where everyone can see it. It also gives your team a professional and cohesive look for the camera. A traditional left chest logo may be cut off by the camera, but imprinting your logo somewhere higher up will attract more attention.

Market research shows it takes between five and seven impressions to be remembered. Collar and shoulder imprints generate more impressions and are more likely to be seen on video calls. I can offer these unique locations standard, so there's no added cost for that extra visibility.

Another critical element in creating brand visibility? The decoration. We recommend a high-impact method for a bold and modern look. Our eye-catching HXD can be customized with metallic, texture or backgrounds to help bring your logo to life.

Want to make your logo stand out in the video call? Contact Red Canoe Promotions Denver today to talk about options.