Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Stadium Promotional Product Everyone is Talking About!

The GrubTub® is a branded food plate/container that fits neatly over your beverage, making your food and drink easier to carry and freeing up your other hand!  It fits on most 16-40 oz. souvenir cups, fountain drink cups, cans and bottles.  The custom printed GrubTub® is stackable, reusable, durable, BPA free, and meets FDA requirements.  It's the stadium swag everyone's talking about, and it's available now through Red Canoe Promotions Denver!  Check out the branded GrubHub container here, and contact us today for your free virtual sample.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sustainable Promotional Products

Is your company committed to sustainability?  At Red Canoe Promotions Denver, we have a wide range of promotional products that will represent your brand's Earth-friendly culture.  Here are five great swag pieces to show your commitment to sustainability:

Plant these pencils when you're done and grow an herb plant!

Plastic straws are one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste on on our planet.  The solution?  Biodegradable paper straws.

These branded tote bags have the look and feel of leather, but they're made from washable Earth-friendly kraft paper. 

Branded stainless steel water bottles like the Ascent bottle (pictured) are one of the best earth-friendly promotional products available.  You're helping eliminate plastic waste from bottled water, and many of our reusable bottles have a huge imprint area and they'll be used for years by the recipient.

Beetle kill is a huge problem with pine trees in the midwest, especially in Colorado, but the wood (also called blue stain pine) can be made into a variety of promotional products.  Branded swag made from beetle kill pine makes use of a resource that would otherwise be wasted.