Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Than a Giveaway: Ideas for Interactive Promotional Products

More Than a Giveaway
Ideas for Interactive Promotional Products
Drive traffic. Control responses. Create opportunities. These are the desired outcomes of great promotions and marketing campaigns. With a little planning and some creativity, we can turn an inexpensive giveaway into an interactive marketing campaign that is sure to drive your customers to action! Here are a few examples of how an inexpensive promotional product was turned into a marketing masterpiece:

1.       Guess The Flavor/Scent – promotional hand sanitizer sprays, lip balms, mints, and even pens are available with a variety of scents/flavors. Turn this giveaway into a guessing game by asking customers to guess the flavor/scent for an incentive (coupon, discount, etc). A credit union did this at a baseball game and had a huge response – customers were sending in guesses for weeks following the game, generating a lot of extra traffic!

2.       Put Them Together – This is a great way to drive traffic to a physical location after an event or drive traffic to a table or booth at a tradeshow/run/sporting event. Customers receive the accessory to a product (such as a sanitizer sleeve or lip balm sleeve), but have to come to you to get the product that goes inside, along with a coupon or other special offer. What else works? Distributing the cap only to a bike bottle (several are available for around $1) for runs and races, encouraging participants to come in for the rest of their water bottle and an in-store discount.

3.       Crossing Channels – Promotional products can enhance and improve your digital marketing and help you drive traffic to an Advergame, mobile landing page, or to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest pages. You can even use promotional products to boost app downloads/purchases.

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More than a Logo

More Than a Logo
Thanks to the advances in printing technology and wide variety of promotional products that allow for full-color, edge-to-edge printing, it’s possible to extend the visual identity you’ve worked so hard to create into your physical promotions.

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