Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Promotional Products as a Marketing Tool

When surveyed, a majority of the buyers of promotional products report they do so for brand awareness. While brand awareness is important, promotional products can play a much larger role in your marketing mix as a creative and compelling tool. Look at a few examples below at products ideas that excelled in achieving a marketing goal. 

  Objective: News Station wants to increase viewership and interaction
Solution: Yard Stick
How: A news station in New England wanted a creative way to encourage fans to watch the news and interact with the network.  Anticipating a heavy winter, they had imprinted yard sticks branded with their station's logo and made them available for free at an area branch of banks.  The idea was a success, with many viewers using the yard stick to measure snowfall, send pictures to the station, and share via social media.

Objective: Sign more leases 
Solution: Mobile Media Pocket
How: A property management company in a college town, wanting to sign more leases, handed out promotional MobileAccessory Holders with the message "Be Mobile with Free Wireless at (complex name)" to everyone who looked at apartments. The client increased their quota, surpassing their lease goal for the property. 

Objective: Increase charity donations
Solution: Cooler
How: A company that regularly holds an employee golf event that donates the proceeds to a local charity wanted to increase registration and donation amounts. They added a printed cooler to the tee package, filled with a bottle of local wine. The event saw more than 200 golfers and an increase in money donated per golfer.