Saturday, September 29, 2018

Classic Cap Styles to Promote Your Brand

Cap trends are ever changing, but there are a few tried and true styles that you can't go wrong with when choosing a custom logo cap.

#1: Trucker Caps
These caps have a mesh back and, typically, a snap-back closure.  The bill can be flat or curved and the front panel is often foam.  Trucker caps originally started out as giveaways at truck stops by companies advertising their products, but they have grown to be one of the top selling styles in not just the swag industry, but in retail as well.

#2: Dad Caps
These low profile, unstructured caps are nicknamed dad caps, but they're popular across all generations.  These cotton caps are great for a casual, laid back look.

#3: Modified Flat Bill Caps
Modified flat bill caps are a modern, trendy style that resembles a trucker cap but is usually a six panel cap with a cotton front instead of foam.  It has a slightly curved bill for those who aren't crazy about completely flat bills.  Like trucker caps, they have a mesh back and usually a snap tab closure.  It's not uncommon for this style to have bright mesh colors and contrast stitching.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Logo Apparel: 2018 Fall Trends

Fall is here and so is our on-trend collection of fall apparel.  Add your company logo using one of our many decorating techniques for a custom look that's sure to raise brand awareness!  Check out all styles here: