Thursday, May 26, 2011

Imprinted Silicone Keyboards

Innovative Promotional Product Alert!

Flexible and spillproof, these foldable imprinted silicone keyboards make a great gift for your customers.  Perfect for the technology industry- or anyone who uses a laptop or PC for that matter.  These fun, colorful keyboards are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or disinfectant spray, so grab yourself some lunch or a cup of coffee while you work from your computer and be as messy as you'd like!   Silicone Keyboards connect to your computer via either USB or PS/2.  Available in custom colors.  F12 key can be customized to allow your customers or employees quick access to your website.

For more information about custom printed silicone keyboards, please contact Red Canoe Promotions - Your Denver Promotional Products Authority!


  1. Presenting imprinted silicone keyboard as a corporate gifts is really a nice idea...The silicone keyboard can be used for long time so whenever anybody use the keyboard given by you will must remember your company. I think you can really spread the business with these gifts.....

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