Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Companies Use Promotional Products

A recent study involving over 1,000 buyers of promotional products sheds some light on what objectives companies expect to achieve when they use promotional products, and how effective they felt promotional products are compared to other forms of advertising.  Here are some highlights from the sdudy:
  • About 80% of end buyers say they believe the use of promotional products is either "effective" or "very effective"
  • 7 out of 10 HR execs say they use promotional products to recognize and reward employees
  • Executives ranked promotional products higher than TV, direct mail, newspapers/consumer magazines, trade publications, internet, and social media in the following 5 attributes:
  1. Ability to achieve long-term memorability at the cost of paying only for a single exposure
  2. Flexibility to fit the cost of the medium to whatever budget is available
  3. Ability to bond audience to advertiser  so as to promote repeat business
  4. Audience friendly (not as likely to offend or be seen as a nuisance)
  5. Ability to generate traffic (to stores, trade shows, events, websites, etc.)
  • Only 3 percent of respondents claimed that promotional products are not effective in achieving their advertising/promotion/motivational objectives
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