Sunday, September 23, 2012

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Company

Trying to figure out which promotional products to buy can be a bit stressful due to the fact that the choices are nearly endless. Use these tips to help you narrow down the choices.

1.    Set a budget. Often when people consider promotional products, they think of cheap giveaway items like pens and water bottles. However, the truth is that the prices (and quality) of promotional products can vary widely. For example, while you can get pens with your logo for pennies on the dollar, you may pay handsomely for high end products like jackets and luggage. So before you choose a product, you need to make sure that you have a budget in mind. That means you know how much you’re willing to spend overall, as well as a price per product to ensure that you get a large enough quantity to serve the necessary purpose.
2.    Consider your target market. As with all of your marketing endeavors, you should always think about what audience you are trying to reach. For example, if you produce a product that people may use in their offices, then you probably don’t want to send out kids coloring books. Instead you might opt for a desktop caddy to help them get organized in their office, as that’s a product your target audience may be interested in.
3.    What’s the useful life of the product? You want to get the most bang for your buck. That means you need to consider how long someone will use the promotional product you give them. Is it something they’re going to toss out and forget all about within a day? Or are you providing them with a legitimately useful product that they will travel with and show off? Think about it—if you give them something like a grocery bag, then they will use it and reuse it, allowing everyone they pass to see your company’s logo. That’s smart marketing.
4.    Match products with your business. This connects largely with the number two point above. Not only should the promotional products connect with your target audience, but they also need to be in line with your company (your message, your values, and your products and services). A good example of this might be a bookstore handing out bookmarks. It’s a useful product that connects with the product they sell. And the message is clear: you need to read, and we can help supply you with your reading material.
5.    Where will you give them out? Are you sending out products in the mail? Are you giving them to employees at an award ceremony? Are you attending a trade show? Whatever the case, make sure you think about where and how you will distribute your products. While certain products may prove versatile and easy to use at all sorts of events, others may lend themselves to something in particular. For example, you probably aren’t going to send out bomber jackets in the mail as they’d be too expensive to ship in a mass mail out (much less purchase).

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  1. I love the tips! I think planning is very important when you're considering to spend money on marketing. Because a lot can go wrong when you don't know all the right things. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Well, first find out what your competitors have been giving away. You wouldn’t want to give away exactly the same item that your competition is giving. It takes away the uniqueness that your company offers. Try to attend one of your competitors’ events and accept their giveaway packs. This would give you an idea of what sample product would be suitable for you to start giving away.

    Nelson Tillmon

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  5. Setting a budget and choosing the right promotional product is very important. You should finalize in your budget all the costs you’re anticipating to incur, such as the designing of the business sign or logo, the type of product that will be used, and the labor costs. Also, allocate an emergency fund in case something unexpected but necessary comes along.

  6. Promotional product are the best and cost effective to use for any kind of business for marketing purpose. This tips are very useful for all business man to help to choose right promotional items for their business. Thanks for sharing this tips here.

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  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Its true that sometimes we consider cheap promotional products as a give aways alone, But we must consider the fact that this must be a useful and the quality of the product. Stop throwing some cash on some iphone cases coz litterally not all can affor those thing. Be practical on choosing a product to give.

  8. I liked the tips mentioned on this blog post. Even government agencies can use the promotional products and giveaways to raise the awareness of their brands. Government promotional items are the best way to create brand visibility among people. Thank you for sharing this useful post.

  9. I wish I had known these tips when I was ordering my companies promotional items. I should have spent more time considering the target use of our items. It makes sense if you are a technology related company to have your name on mouse pads and USBs, but not if you are a flower store. That was my mistake, I thought they were cute and looked cool. I was wrong. Next time I think I will have our promotional products be shirts or vases.

    George Puzo |