Wednesday, April 17, 2013

June is Safety Awareness Month!


ARE YOU ready for
Safety Awareness Month?
June 2013 "Safety Starts With Me"
What can you do to get ready?
  • Promote and refresh your safety program
  • Safety and First Aid training 
  • Replace and replenish safety equipment
  • Safety incentives/employee recognition 
  • Community outreach  
Most importantly, you can make safety and wellness part of your brand through your customer loyalty and employee appreciation programs.

Don't have a safety program?
Why not? Safety education and training for your employees can save you money and improve your company culture, no matter what industry!  Learn more here.

Recognizing and Rewarding Safety
Rewards and recognition are not just for fun- they are a vital part of your safety program. Employee incentives ensure the continued support and success of your safety program by giving employees something to work toward and reinforcing your commitment to their safety.
What works well? It's important to have incentives at multiple reward levels to recognize the significance of large accomplishments. Brand name electronics and home items, luggage, paid time off, clothing and awards are all extremely effective safety incentives.
Try This: Combine safety recognition with promoting wellness with a recognized branded promotional product like this imprinted BlenderBottle!
Price: $10.99 
Min Qty: 72
Safety Must-Haves - Equipment, Incentives, and Promotions

Bolle Cobra Twilight Glasses 

Try this premium as an employee service award - they will appreciate it much more than another plaque! Outfit your employees with the best in eye protection! Glasses or pouch imprints available.   
Price: $24.90
Min Qty: 24

Hardcap Bump Cap

Showcase your brand and your commitment to safety through your field employees! Stylish baseball-cap design with high-density protective liner.
Price: $38.79
Min Qty: 12

Rescue Tool Kit

A must-have addition as an employee incentive or customer loyalty reward! This practical tool features a blunt-tipped hawkbill blade, glass breaker, pocket clip,
and ratchet and bit set.
Price: $15.49
Min Qty: 36

Focus Roadside Safety Light

Do you have field support or traveling employees? Aluminum body, bright 12-LED light and magnetic bottom make this light a MUST for roadside safety kits!

Price: $32.09
Min Qty: 12

First Aid Kit

This water resistant kit is sure to be used at work or home. Great as a customer loyalty gift, in your own office and as a companion with employee First Aid Training.

Price: $11.80
Min Qty: 50

Clip On Flashlight Strobe

How are you promoting safety in the community? Consider this combination flasher and strobe for your outreach events to encourage visibility for walkers, runners and bikers!
Price: $2.09
Min Qty: 250
Product Safety - Why It Matters
There are an array of federal and state regulations regarding product safety, especially children's products, that carry serious consequences for non-compliance. In addition to the legal issues of non-compliance, giving out non-compliant product can hurt your reputation with your customers. Safety and compliance does *not* need to be something you worry about when you partner with a safety-conscious and experienced promotional products distributor.
I protect your brand and your customers as if they were my own!
Outdoor Items as Event Giveaways?
They're a great idea, but they can be classed as children's items, even if you didn't buy them to give to children. Rest assured with certified compliant items like this flier, made in the US with food-grade plastic and non-scraping digital print.  
Price: $1.95
Min Qty: 200

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