Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Engaging with Millennials

Are you trying to increase the engagement of your customers aged 18-36? A recent study released by web analytics company SDL reveals that Millennials check their phones, on average, every 43 minutes! 

What does this mean for you? Smart physical advertising geared toward a Millennial's device can reap big rewards. Check out these ideas in action from other companies:  

The Gadget Grips Dot®branded iconic domed decal goes over the home button of cell phones or tablets, providing easy tactile response.

The Real Salt Lake soccer team posted a photo of their Dot on Instagram, sparking a frenzy of demand and driving fans to their promo events to get their own.

The giveaway served a dual purpose of bringing fans to events and delivering multiple repeat impressions as recipients interact with their phone.  

Gogo Inflight posted a photo of this SoundByte™ phone amplifier on Facebook to drum up attendance at a tech conference, offering their Facebook fans one when they stopped by their booth.


A digital marketing company decided their best way to advertise would be... t-shirts! The company put the message out on Facebook that free t-shirts with their logo were available and sent them when users commented on the post. The company stated that between employees and Facebook, they gave out approximately 500 shirts, and the campaign generated approximately $500K in new business!

Similar Ideas: Turn a Facebook post into a coupon, instructing your followers to show the post in-store for a free gift.
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