Friday, March 9, 2012

Branding with Promotional Products

"BRAND" is defined as the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.

If you could pick one advertising medium to brand your business, what would you choose?  TV commercials?  Magazine ads?  The newspaper?  Radio ads?  Can any of these advertising mediums contribute to all of the components that form a brand?  I would say that promotional products would be the most effective way to touch on all of them.

Memories.  A positive experience with a company is best remembered through the use of a tangible item that has the ability to trigger a memory of that positive experience.  Promotional products, when distributed to clients and prospects as part of or after an event, are great triggers to help people remember the positive feelings associated with the event and your company.  For example, sending a letter along with a mail-friendly promotional product like a magnet, screen cleaner, or key tag thanking someone for attending an event is a great way to tie their positive experience at the event to a tangible item.  Every time they use or look at the promotional item, they will be reminded of the event and positively associate that with your company.  With promotional products, you can turn an experience into a memory and give it to someone.

Stories.  What form of advertising can tell a story better than promotional products?  You have the opportunity to print your logo on just about anything that exists.  Why would you print your logo on a newspaper or magazine page when you can print it on an item that tells a story about your company or a particular event or cause?  Promotional products give you the ability to be creative and tell stories about your company in a more impactful way than using print ads.  Promotional products are unmatched when it comes to telling stories.

Relationships.  Are you more likely to form (or reinforce) a relationship with a client by putting an ad in a magazine, or by personally handing them a useful gift printed with your company logo?  Personally, I'll take the promotional product every day of the week.  Promotional products generate conversation and help start and maintain relationships.

While branding is best achieved through a combination of marketing and advertising techniques, it is important to note that promotional products are the only advertising medium that can fully engage someone using all five senses.  Don't forget to include this powerful tool when building your brand.


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