Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hot Promotional Product Trends for Q4 2013

Hot Promotional Product Trends for Q4
Pick a promotion that will make a bang with your customers and employees by putting your logo on hip, hot, and trendy promotional products! Use these emerging trends to engage your customers and maximize the impressions and lifespan of your incentive or giveaway:

Luxe: Glittery materials, glossy patent-leatherette finishes, big buckles, shiny visible rivets, rhinestones and sequins, and bold patterns are all elements of luxe fashion accessories, like this ultra-glam tote bag. Ideal imprints vary from simple and elegant to big and bold, and they will all appeal to your female customers aged X-Y.

Simple Complexity: Lifestyle pieces that just "look" basic - simple and unaggressive product silhouettes hide technical features and complexity, like on this neoprene computer portfolio. Add an unimposing imprint and these items will get frequent use among young professionals.

Neo Retro: Synthetic materials, classic shapes, fun colors, and distinctive patterns combine to create a blast from the past, like this bowling-bag inspired cooler, that continue to catch the attention and affection of audiences of all ages.

High Touch or High Tech?
As people become more and more connected to technology, Internet-based and mobile
When else will your customers pay you for advertising?
advertising continues to grow in spending every year.
Before you invest in potentially costly mobile media advertising, consider how you can cut through the advertising noise and reach your customers through high-touch products that interact with their high-tech products, or deliver high-touch advertising in a new way.
Example: A local business with a Facebook following posts an offer on their Page offering this RFID-blocking cell phone Smart Wallet for in-store purchases of $50 or more. Instead of paying "per click" with no guarantee of conversion, the Gift-With-Purchase ensures the business is only paying for each new sale. After the offer, the logoed product will stay with the customer for the life of their cell phone, continuing to deliver impressions! Plus, thanks to the very nature of Social Media, the offer gets in front of new customers every time the post is Liked or Shared by the original following - this is viral marketing at its best!

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