Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Give Gifts to Customers and Employees?

Why Give Gifts?

Despite a recovering economy, businesses around the country are challenged to do more with less. Business gifts might look like an unnecessary expense, but they are an investment in your business that pays
big dividends in employee morale, employee retention, and customer loyalty!

Employee Gifts: Numerous studies, including those conducted by "Inc." and by Gallup have shown that, time and again, employees are more motivated by tangible gifts as a reward than cash, dollar for dollar. For maximum value, consider tangible items that create an emotional response like a food gift. Creating an incentive program is another effective way to motivate employees to achieve above-and-beyond performance in sales, safety, or any other clearly defined and measurable metric.
Customer Gifts: The old adage is still true - it is much more expensive to add customers than it is to keep them. Thoughtful and personalized gifts are proven to increase customer loyalty, making them more valuable to you in longevity, purchase frequency, and average margin per transaction. Want to maximize your value? Combine two marketing channels! Create an offer via Facebook or your website for customers to refer you to a friend in exchange for a branded apparel or lifestyle item. Showing customers the incentive and creating a clear call-to-action has been shown to be 4 times more effective to create referrals and recommendations than simply asking for a referral - combining it with social media increases your generational appeal and can increase your reach when your campaign goes viral!

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