Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tips for Promoting Your Wellness Program

You get it – a successful wellness program is the best way to keep your costs associated with employee healthcare benefits and lost productivity due to health issues in check. But how do you build and keep excitement about your wellness program throughout the year and avoid the boomerang effect of having to constantly reengage employees to wellness? Here are a few ideas to make your wellness program a continued success throughout 2014 and beyond:

New Hire or Recruitment Kit – Show employees (or prospective employees) your dedication to wellness with branded active lifestyle or healthy living products that can be used all year in and out of the office. Successful items include food journals, gym bags, exercise mats, pedometers, and portion bowls/plates. 

Salad Bowl Set

Apparel Programs – Active lifestyle clothing is the new “go-to” choice for your employees in and out of the office. A branded apparel program stocked with activewear and active lifestyle clothing is not only great for employees, but is also effective advertising for your business and can be an additional revenue stream.

Hooded Sweatshirt

Personal Incentives – Not every employee will want to participate in group activities. Consider creating milestones for employees to complete in their personal wellness journey (mileage goal for walking or jogging, calories burned through exercise, etc) with incentives that can be earned throughout the year for reaching each milestone. Generate buzz and get employee’s attention by printing the milestones and incentives directly on a wellness item like a water bottle or towel!

Antimicrobial Fitness Towel


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