Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Generate Trade show Traffic

Three Foolproof Ways to Generate Trade Show Traffic

Trade shows are key components to the marketing plans of many companies.  The way these businesses portray themselves at trade shows can have a huge impact on how they influence prospective business partners and customers.  In fact, if trade show participants don't do something innovative to separate themselves from all the other booths at the trade show, prospects will simply pass them by in favor of a booth that's generating lots of "buzz."  So what's the secret to luring in those prospects and generating interest among trade show attendants?  Here are three things you can do to drastically improve your image and generate trade show traffic:

Make your display booth stand out.

Put yourself in the shoes of the guests attending the trade show.  If there are five trade show booths lined up next to each other, all offering the same or similar products or services, which one are you going to be attracted to?  It's going to be the one that stands out from the rest.  And the way to do that is to have an impactful display that "POPS."  Make sure you are using attention-grabbing display booth materials imprinted with your company's logo.  Table covers, event tents (if the event is outdoors), custom floor displays, table-top displays, or pop-up displays, colorful banners and flags, eye-catching signs, etc.  The power of first impressions can't be underestimated, so spend a little more money and make your trade show display really stand out.  It's well worth the investment- your ROI will speak for itself.

Make it fun and interesting.

If all you have at your trade show display booth is literature and someone standing there repeating a memorized speech over and over, you're going to lose out to the competition.  Make sure you provide some way to keep your trade show guests entertained.  Interactive items like a logo imprinted prize wheel or a game that goes along with your product or service can go a long way in creating a positive and memorable experience for your visitors.

Give away something innovative.

Since probably over half the booths at the trade show will be giving away tote bags, give your prospects something else to fill those bags with.  And make sure it's something fresh and different.  These days, you can have your logo printed on just about anything, so the possibilities are endless.  Red Canoe Promotions of Denver is a great place to start- we can provide you with great ideas to help you boost trade show traffic.  You can search promotional products here to get cool ideas for your trade show giveaway.

The choice is yours.  You can spend a minimal amount of money for a generic trade show booth, or you can spend a little extra for an impactful trade show experience that will engage visitors and reap significantly higher financial rewards.

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